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Jeannie Bottle in Solid Works by TheHappySultan Jeannie Bottle in Solid Works :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 7 10 Crystal's Gift--B-day Gift for Hachi by TheHappySultan Crystal's Gift--B-day Gift for Hachi :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 3 0 Cake Surprise!--B-Day Gift for Punisher2006 by TheHappySultan Cake Surprise!--B-Day Gift for Punisher2006 :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 3 6
T.o.L.--Chapter 2: A Friend Amidst the Dark
    Darkness. Darkness greeted the girl as she slowly awoke. She felt like she had been out for hours…maybe even days. “Ugh…still night time? I must have been drunker than I thought. I swear I was out for a long time…” She slowly began to sit up, as she began to roll her neck around, trying to crack it. As she sat up, she slowly began to rock in place. “That’s funny…I could have sworn I was sleeping in my own bed? Why does it feel…hard…cold…metal-like?” She questioned, giving the ground a nice knock. “Maybe…this is a dream? No…no, it can’t be…I could actually feel the metal rapping at my knuckles… Well, let’s try the old trick…” She took her two fingers, and pinched herself. She yelped. “…No…? No, I definitely felt that… So then…If this isn’t a dream, then…where exactly am I?” She said, as she looked arou
:iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 14 11
The Tale of Laniakea--Chapter 1: The Magic Bottle
    It was 3:45 am. Sunday morning. A girl in a hooded sweatshirt is seen stumbling the streets, giggles could be heard piercing the night. She was coming home from a party, a bit drunk. Specifically, it was her birthday party. She had just turned 24, and now planned to spend a good chunk of her Sunday sleeping and recovering from the hangover she assumed she would have.
    She walked up some steps and stood wobbling in front of a door. She fondled around in her pockets trying to find something. With success in her face, she pulled out the object: her keys. She began to fumble with them, trying to find the correct key to the door. As she did, she noticed something sparkling on the ground. She jumped off the small landing, and pushed her face closer to it. She couldn’t make out everything about the object, but what she could tell was that it was a bottle! “Aww…zomebody gave me ‘nother dink fo me birth’ay! Zats cuuuuuuute~!” She gi
:iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 19 8
Asra's Gift--B-Day Gift for GameMaster999 by TheHappySultan Asra's Gift--B-Day Gift for GameMaster999 :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 5 4 Like This, Master?--Birthday Gift for Hachi by TheHappySultan Like This, Master?--Birthday Gift for Hachi :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 15 9 Genie Gardevoir--Birthday Gift for Hachi by TheHappySultan Genie Gardevoir--Birthday Gift for Hachi :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 5 4
Genie's Tale: The Realization Part II
    “The reason I am keeping you prisoner is because I am a cursed oil lamp, I’m afraid.” Explained the lamp.
    “Cursed?” Ghaada asked.
    “Yes, my dear.  I was a regular, old oil lamp, with no other purpose in life than to light the wave for people.  Then, a man put a spell on me…a spell that needed a host in order to complete.”
    “…and…and I am that host?”
    “You are…you are…The spell was ‘who-so-ever rubbed this lamp, shall be greeted by a spirit, and be granted his wishes…’  Then, poof!  He threw some liquid on me, and I felt warm.  However…the man who he sold it too, the sultan that captured you, was just about ready to rub it…the spout pointed at him.  The man stopped him and told the sultan to be careful who he pointed the spout at when rubbing it.  He could have been tr
:iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 10 4
Layla and Elisa: Harem Girls--Bahamut Sketch by TheHappySultan Layla and Elisa: Harem Girls--Bahamut Sketch :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 5 9 Gadget the Harem Girl--Tellwebtoons sketch by TheHappySultan Gadget the Harem Girl--Tellwebtoons sketch :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 5 0 Martha the Genie--hippo2 sketch by TheHappySultan Martha the Genie--hippo2 sketch :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 2 4 Pink Opry Harem Girl--danfrandes Sketch by TheHappySultan
Mature content
Pink Opry Harem Girl--danfrandes Sketch :iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 3 3
Genie's Tale: The Realization Part I
     When Ghaada was sucked inside the lamp, she was knocked out cold.  She awoke sometime after the thieves took off and murdered the sultan.  She looked around. Dark.  All she could see was pitch black, except for one spot. "H-h-hello? Is anyone there?" She asked. Nothing. She said it again. Silence was her answer. She stood up and sighed. "Where am I? The last thing I remember was being held down by the sultan's guards…And then he rubbed an oil lamp…a mist came out…and then—" She gasped. She realized where she was now. "The lamp? I-I-I'm inside an oil lamp? No…no I must be dreaming," she thought. So, she pinched herself, and, unfortunately, she felt it.  This was no dream.  
     Ghaada became nervous, and began to cry. "I don't want to be stuck here in a lamp…I want to be with my friends in the harem!  Not in this dark alone…" She continue
:iconthehappysultan:TheHappySultan 18 23
Genie's Tale: How It All Began
     Let us travel a long time ago, in the lands of deserts and palaces, in the town of Aza.  The town is a place of comfort, where there once lived a nice, old man, surrounded by his loving harem girls.  He, as well as his girls, were the only inhabitants of the town.  On the old man's deathbed, he made one final request to his women: To stay in the town and soothe any tired and wandering traveler that migrates there.  They accepted, wanting to please their master's final wish. From then on, they took care of everyone that made there way to the quaint town.  If they only wanted supplies, the harem offered theirs.  If they needed a place to stay, the harem offered a comfy bed and room.  If they just wanted to tell a tale, the harem circled around and listened.  All the passer-byes were good people, never any evil in this little town. Until that one day.
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Belly Dancers - Aladdin by kuropop Belly Dancers - Aladdin :iconkuropop:kuropop 243 12 Dorytha Part 2 by Skirtzzz Dorytha Part 2 :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 951 92 Genie by Sam-Sanabria Genie :iconsam-sanabria:Sam-Sanabria 14 10 W.I.P Djinn by Miha-Hime W.I.P Djinn :iconmiha-hime:Miha-Hime 20 5 Arabic Genie Tina by KishiTheDragoness95 Arabic Genie Tina :iconkishithedragoness95:KishiTheDragoness95 27 16 Genie by vivienn-art Genie :iconvivienn-art:vivienn-art 30 3 I wish... by Harpyqueen I wish... :iconharpyqueen:Harpyqueen 152 67 Gemini Commisson by Harpyqueen Gemini Commisson :iconharpyqueen:Harpyqueen 560 75 The Magic Bottle Page 1 by EmperorNortonII The Magic Bottle Page 1 :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 55 13 Telsha - Commission by SpukyCat Telsha - Commission :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 157 22 COMMISSION - Genie Haruhi by IDarkShadowI COMMISSION - Genie Haruhi :iconidarkshadowi:IDarkShadowI 337 61 But... by Meteorofbullshit But... :iconmeteorofbullshit:Meteorofbullshit 16 2 Djinn by tandemonium Djinn :icontandemonium:tandemonium 133 14 Jinn! of the wine bottle! by martintimmins Jinn! of the wine bottle! :iconmartintimmins:martintimmins 8 1 Djin's Bliss by ChompWorks Djin's Bliss :iconchompworks:ChompWorks 159 19 The genie of the lamp by NenadXbar The genie of the lamp :iconnenadxbar:NenadXbar 27 2
...oh boy... Here it comes...

Yup...Panty and Stocking was the anime for July. I heard that these two ladies were quite foulmouthed, even stepping on being similar to South Park or even Drawn Together, BUT THIS??? What I discovered was one of the most raunchiest, parodiest, foul-mouthed thing I had ever seen, sprinkled with a lot of what the fuck moments...

...and I loved every second of it...

This is yet another anime I truly enjoyed. (Shit, when do I get to one I havent?) The fact its set up like most american children cartoons was pretty cool. It allowed for something that didn't have to be connected, and could be watched in any sequence. And was still a complete story that...well...if you watch the last episode or two out of sequence...well...things may get confusing. So... 

The things they parodied were good times. They had a transformers episode...Pretty sure they had enemies that were based on ren and stimpy...and...holy shit! ...the freaking statues of the ghosts at the end of each episode! FANTASTIC! It added something...different! Taking it out of the 2D world for a second. 

Its hard to think of other things that I thought were good about the series, since I finished it about...a week or so ago? But, definately one I would watch again, and probably adding to the collection.
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